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Wedding Videography

My style leans towards a documentary-edit. Your wedding will go by fast. Having a

film that captures the feelings of the day is so valuable.

Being present and recording impactful, emotional, and intimate moments is not something I take lightly. I consider it such an honor to witness and be a part of one of the most important days of your lives! 

I want to create a time-capsule for you to savor the scenes and emotions of the day. 

I’ve heard it said many times, “why pay for a video when you’ll only watch it once?” If you’re like me and the many couples that I have captured memories for, this couldn’t be further from the truth! My wedding films are so much more than the old-school, single camera recording of the ceremony. The film you will receive takes you through the day from start to finish. Brides have told me that the sounds and emotions that were captured had them watching their films again and again. 

Oregon Wedding Photography
Oregon Wedding Videography

I know it can be strange to be recorded and have a lens pointed in your direction, that is why I try my best to be a fly on the wall. I shoot with longer lenses so that I can stay behind the guests and photographer, which hopefully minimizes distractions. I also pay attention to what I’m wearing, I don’t want any squeaky shoes to ruin the moment! While I keep this in mind, I will be around to record the significant moments and I will walk around to get the best shots that I can. 


Wedding photography in Oregon
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Videography Pricing

It is difficult to place a value on the priceless moments captured on video and the audio that will bring memories to life. Even so, let's talk numbers.

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